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Initial Consultation and Second Visit for $150. First visit includes an Adjustment!

1. Initial Consultation: Explore your goals, bring clarity to optimizing your care, a Neuro-Spinal Assessment and your first Adjustment. (60 min)

2. Second Visit: Your Report of Findings, goal setting clarity, clear up any questions you may have and your second Adjustment. (30 min)

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"The preservation of health is easier than the cure for disease."

- BJ Palmer, founder of Chiropractic


What is Chiropractic?


"A Universal Intelligence is in all matter, continually giving to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence." This Innate Intelligence within us uses your brain and nervous system to subconsciously conduct the miracle that is your self creating, regulating and healing body, while allowing you to express consciousness to experience our World. This Innate Intelligence stores unintegrated experiences in our bodies as subluxations. The Chiropractor finds subluxations in your neuro-spinal system and, through different force applications, releases your stored potential energy for your integration and evolution.


Your Innate Intelligence is smart and intentional. It understands that life is hard and unpredictable. When we experience something that we can't fully integrate, we store this energy as tension and stress within our bodies to protect ourselves from harm, this is the subluxation. Created with protective intentions, if not released subluxations hinder the nervous system from expressing life and can lead to decreased function, pain and degeneration in the body. 


An opportunity to integrate and release subluxations, the stored unintegrated experiences manifested as potential energy within the body. The Adjustment is your integration and release of that subluxation in the moment of and after the Chiropractor uses a force application to catalyze the momentum of the stored tension.


At Evolve Family Chiropractic we take a unique look at your neuro-spinal system through the BioGeometric Integration (BGI)  lens. Discovered by Sue Brown, BGI appreciates the adaptable and dynamic ways we store tension within our bodies as energetic beings in a chaotic universe. As we go through life we live through so many experiences giving us the opportunity to learn, grow and evolve. If we are unable to integrate these experiences we store them in our physiology and physically manifest them as subluxations. The BGI lens allows the Chiropractor to tap into the entire tone of a person, find stored tension, apply an adjustive force to create momentum into the subluxation to give the participant an opportunity to integrate that experience. This view opens the possibility for deep core healing from stored emotional, physical and chemical traumas we were not able to integrate at the time they were experienced. 

Triune of Health

Structural Integrity
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Your brain and spinal cord are the super computer that controls literally every single function in your body. The nerves that exit your spine act as wires to transmit information between your brain and body to allow you to function optimally. Adjustments enhance this brain to body communication to improve your ability to, adapt, and react properly, allowing you to express more health!

Emotional Well-Being

Your spine is the major shock absorber of your body, it is the foundation for every movement, all the while housing and protecting your nervous system. All 33 bones of your spine move individually to allow this movement to occur. Adjusting your spine optimizes your ability to move, slows degeneration, and is incredibly effective for improving back pain, neck pain, joint pain and beyond. 

Your emotional wellbeing and perception of your environment drastically impact your health. Emotional tension and stress decrease our ability to slow from “fight or flight mode” to a state of healing, resting and digesting. At EFC we help bring awareness to how emotional stress is physically manifested as tension within your body and release it. This calms and empowers your nervous system to better handle stress and increase the amount of health you express.

Neurological Adaptability


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