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At Evolve Family Chiropractic we invite you to participate in connecting deeper with the innate forces that express your life. We use Chiropractic adjustments and lifestyle modifications to connect you to the processes of your own health. We aim to investigate the state of your neuro-spinal system, and to create goals and strategies for defending and enhancing your neuro-spinal health and adaptability.

Our Services
Fee Schedule

Cost Per Visit:

  • Initial Consultation: $100 (1 hour)

  • Second Visit: $70 (30 minutes)

  • 20 min Adult Adjustment: $65

  • 10 min Adult Adjustment: $45

  • Child Adjustment: $40 (10 minutes)

  • Foundations Training: $70 (30 minutes)

  • Re-Evaluation: $75 (40 minutes)

Intake Package(s):

  • Intake Package: $150

    • Includes Initial Consultation and Second Visit

Initial Care Plans:

As you initiate your care we offer custom care plans based upon your individual needs. 

  • Pay Per Visit at full cost

  • 5% off Payment Plans of 2-3 Payments

  • 10% off Pay in Full

  • **We welcome open and honest financial conversations. You, your health and your wellbeing are our priority.**

20 min Adult Maintenance Packages:

  • 5 Adjustments at 5% off: $308

  • 10 Adjustments at 10% off: $585

  • 15 Adjustments at 15% off: $828

10 min Adult Maintenance Packages:

  • 5 Adjustments at 5% off: $213

  • 10 Adjustments at 10% off: $405

  • 15 Adjustments at 15% off: $573

Child Maintenance Packages:

  • 5 Adjustments at 5% off: $190

  • 10 Adjustments at 10% off: $360

  • 15 Adjustments at 15% off: $510

Family Rates:

  • Family of 2: $85, 30 minute reservation

  • Family of 3: $120, 45 minute reservation

  • Family of 4: $150, 60 minute reservation

  • Family of 5+: Custom time and pricing

  • **We welcome open and honest financial conversations. You, your Family's health and wellbeing are our priority.**

Techniques Utilized
  1. BioGeometric Integration Lens

  2. Full Spine Adjusting through the MLS Approach

  3. Webster Certification Pending (Pregnancy)

  4. Thompson Drop Table

  5. Craniosacral Work

  6. Toggle Recoil Technique

  7. Pediatric Adjusting

  8. Extremity Adjusting

​9. Traction

10. Various Soft Tissue Massage Techniques

11. PNF Stretching

12. Active and Passive Range of Motion

13. Breath Work and Coaching

14. Core Bracing Exercises

15. Individualized Balance, Strength and Mobility Programs

Service Descriptions
Initial Consultation

A 60-minute sit down 1:1 with a licensed Chiropractor to converse and explore the direction and goals of your care. An opportunity to be heard on what brought you into the office and to bring clarity to the direction of how we can use Chiropractic Adjustments and lifestyle modifications to enhance your ability to live more and support your health. An in-depth neuro-spinal assessment tailored to tune into the state of your nervous system, to allow the Chiropractor to familiarize themself with your unique spine and nervous system. A conservative first adjustment to get the healing process underway. 

Second Visit

A 30-minute follow up to your initial consultation. A chance to check in with your Chiropractor on how processing your first adjustment went and to solidify our goals for your care. Your report of findings and defining of  both your role and your Chiropractor’s role in participating in your health journey.

The Chiropractic Adjustment

A 20-minute session with your Chiropractor for a unique look into your neural-spinal system to identify and assist the release of stored tension in your body. The Chiropractic adjustment, through the Bio-Geometric Integrative lens, involves several different types of force applications and breath cues to help you identify and release the patterns of tension you hold in your body. These forces include, but are not limited to: full spine adjusting, toggle recoil, drop table, activator, PNF stretching, arthrostim, active and passive range of motions, breath work, sustained contacts, trigger point massage, exercise prescriptions and more.


A 40-minute follow up on all goals and assessments done in the initial consultation. A chance to reflect and dive deeper into your participation in expressing health. Encouraging new goals and strategies for defending and enhancing nervous system health and adaptability. In this re-exam you will have new goals and directions for your care plan, and you receive a Chiropractic adjustment.

Foundations Training

A 30-minute individualized coaching session intended to empower you with health focused strategies to assist you in harnessing more of your limitless potential and prevent subluxations. Your session could include strategies to improve your structural stability, mobility, stress management techniques, nutritional knowledge, at home ergonomics, lifting form or whatever individual support you may be needing to evolve. Examples of Foundations Trainings: 

Core Bracing

Proper Lifting Form Education

Individualized Training Program

Stretching Routine

Breath Coaching

Spinal Hygiene 

Posture Training

Nerve Flossing

Functional Movement Training

Lifestyle Modifications

Ergonomic Training

Nutritional Education 

Stress Management Techniques

Who We Serve

At EFC we recognize that every human is required to adapt to life's stressors. Whether you are under 1 year old or over 100, whether you are looking adapt to life's stressors with more ease and evolve as a human or simply get out of pain, whether you want to get on the floor with your kids, a kid with repetitive ear infections or trying to regulate your overactive mind, whether you're trying to improve your sports performance, have a more comfortable pregnancy, sick of your headaches or your acid reflux, we are here to serve you. We are here to help you support your health. 

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