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Thank you to all my participants who have left a testimonial about our time working together

Darren | Chiropractic Patient


I have had the pleasure of being a patient of Ian Shaw for 13 weeks. I was in extreme pain and discomfort for about six months prior, due to a car accident and the physical nature of my profession.

After my initial assessment, Ian’s course of action for my care was very understandable, precise and instilled a sense of hope for my relief and correction.


Ian‘s genuine concern, extremely likable personality, and professionalism kept me at ease during each adjustment. I never once doubted that he had my back, pun intended.


I have regained the confidence and agility to enjoy the active life I once had.


I can’t thank you enough Dr. Ian Shaw.

Cristann | Evolve Family Chiro Patient


Dr. Ian Shaw is one of the most caring, attentive and knowledgeable practitioners that I have ever met. I met Dr. Ian during one of the most difficult times in my life, and from my first appointment I knew that my experience mattered. Dr. Ian’s adjustments helped me to regain mobility and release pain that had plagued my body for years. His approach is wholistic and he provided strength and flexibility tools that I use to maintain my posture and alignment throughout the day. But what really touched me was his heart. I have never had a physician who I felt genuinely cared about my health as a whole being, and how my physical wellness impacted the activities of my every day life. That changed when I met Dr. Ian, as he directed my treatment to match not only my physical goals but my functional occupational and social goals as well!


Dr. Ian is attentive and diligent, and in practice he is supporting and trustworthy. I have eagerly recommended him to family and friends because I know that with Dr. Ian they really are in the best hands. I am eternally grateful to have been introduced to him, and I look forward to having him as my physician for many years to come.


Thank you so much Dr. Ian!!!!

Sherry | Evolve Family Chiropractic Client


Being adjusted by Dr Ian was like no other adjustment I’ve had before. First of all, he takes time to study my body’s issues and is able to hone in on areas I wasn't even unaware needed attention. He is gentle with his adjustments and talks through everything he is doing, which allowed me to feel comfortable through the process.


He is the first chiropractor to practice BGI (Bio-Geometric Integration) with me. He knew I had studied and practiced reiki energy healing and discussed the BGI technique with me first. I found it to be an amazing experience and helped me to be more in tune with my own body‘s integration of energy. I will definitely continue to visit Dr. Ian every opportunity I have to keep my body healthy by providing it the chance to “grow, learn, evolve and heal.” I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to feel better and live a more pain free life.


Dr. Ian stands apart from other chiropractors because of his consistent ability to intently
listen and communicate. On our first appointment he slowed down and listened to my
concerns, physical complaints, and assessed my full system and spine with an insightful
curiosity. That consideration continued throughout each of my adjustments. Dr. Ian points out
and explains where and how my body is holding tension, answers all of my questions, and
states exactly how he will initiate an impulse into my system. His intentions are clear, which
leaves out the guess work and makes me feel completely at ease. His compassionate approach
only amplifies his gentle but impactful adjustments. Dr. Ian’s adjustments are an invitation to
bring greater awareness to my body and form a deeper appreciation for how I express health.
Seeing Dr. Ian has been monumental in my journey to feeling safe and secure within my body.
His adjustments have positively impacted my life in a way that I am so grateful for.

Buddy & Mary | Evolve Family Chiro Clients

Buddy and Mary 

I am a 90 year old woman and after my  first adjustment I couldn’t believe how it helped with my dizziness. After my second adjustment I was amazed that my swollen ankle didn’t hurt, my knees didn’t hurt and I slept so much better! If I was closer to Dr Ian I would go every week. I look forward to another visit when I am in his  vicinity. 

I am a 94 year old man and able to still be active. Dr Ian helped me with my knee pain which has become persistent. He took time with this  elderly patient to explain stretching exercises and  would  tell  me what he was going to do  during the adjustments.  I felt  very comfortable with him and highly recommend him to all elderly people to remain (almost) pain free. 

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